100ton Pneumatic Power Press with Hydraulic Overload Protection

100ton pneumatic electrical power push with hydraulic overload safety

C body mechanical energy push is extensively utilized for sheet steel stamping, piercing, trimming and bending procedure. The power press could perform with solitary punch die and progressive die to create residence appliance parts, television set brackets, vehicle areas, utensils and comparable stamping components. The press could work with NC feeder decoiler program to act as an computerized press line.

one. Steel welded physique, tempering treatment, substantial rigidity, precision and steadiness
two. Vertical positioned crankshaft, compact structure
three. The crankshaft undergoes grinding remedy following large frequency quenching
4. Lengthened rectangular guideway with a surface area of bronze plate
five. Pneumatic twin equilibrium cylinder, which balances the slide block and punch fat to minimize sound and effect
six. PLC management and imported protection dual valve
7. Moist clutch and hydraulic overload protector.
8. CE certificate

1. Metal plate welded c frame body, warmth therapy, produced by cnc uninteresting and milling middle, high rigidity and precission
2. Damp type pneumatic clutch with safety solenoid valve, reduce sounds and more time provider life.
3. Very best good quality gears, bushes, cylinders, link rods and ball screw make sure the large overall performance, substantial dependability and lengthier services daily life.
4. CZPT overload secured program is standard equipped. The press will end with oil pressure release if overload to shield the press and the die. It is effortless to reset to regular position.
5. PLC manage, Omron or Panasonic manufacturer, substantial good quality with global guarantee.
six. Double fingers handle buttons, touch display manage panel, cam controller with encoder.
7. Slide change motor is geared up on the back again of the slide. This situation is much better to shield the motor and the push is far more compact in this way. The slide is motorized adjusted with electronic displayer.
8. Middle automobile grease lubrication technique is regular equipped and the lubrication frequency can be setted with the touchscreen. In the meanwhile, handbook thin oil lubrication technique is equipped way too.

Alternatives:                                                                                                Quality certification:
– mild curtain for safety                                                                       – ISO 9001
– inverter for adjustable stroke speed                                                – CE
– variable pace motor for adjustable stroke speed                         – SGS inspection if essential
– cushion
– hydraulic die quick change device

Guarantee and services:
– 1 year guarantee for whole press.
– all CZPT are available as we make most of the components in our manufacturing unit.
– it is simple to get the electrical elements as all are global well-known brands.
– we can offer technical support by means of e mail, mobile phone or video clip.
– we can deliver out engineers for service, set up or instruction with sensible further price.
– English operation and servicing guide is offered with the push.
– All protection warning tags and handle panels are in English.

Our items variety:
– J23 and JH23 inclinable eccentric press, capability from six.3ton to 125ton.
– JH21 c frame single crank press, potential from 25ton to 400ton.
– JH31 semi-straight side solitary crank press, ability from 110ton to 400ton.
– JW31 H body single crank press, ability from 110ton to 400ton.
– JH25 c body double crank press, capability from 110ton to 315ton.
– JW36 H frame double crank press, potential from 110ton to 500ton.
– JX36 near type massive desk press with double crank, ability from 400ton to 1000ton.
– JS36 shut variety equipment push, capability from 300ton to 1250ton.
– JS31 close sort equipment press, ability from 160ton to 1000ton.
–  hydraulic shearing equipment
–  hydraulic press brake and cnc push brake

Specifications: Eccentric steel stamping Punching Electrical power Push Equipment

Merchandise CODE Unit JH21-25 JH21-45 JH21-60 JH21-eighty JH21-100 JH21-125
Nominal Capacity Pe KN 250 450 600 800 a thousand 1250
Slide Stroke Length S mm 80 120 a hundred and forty a hundred and sixty 160 one hundred eighty
Slide Strokes Set   spm a hundred eighty 70 60 fifty five fifty
Variable(optional)   spm 60-a hundred and twenty 50-ninety five 45-eighty five 40-75 35-sixty five 35-sixty five
Max. Die Shut Height H2 mm 250 270 three hundred 320 335 350
Die Shut Peak Adjustment t mm fifty 60 70 80 ninety 90
Throat Depth C1 mm 210 225 270 310 330 350
Distance Among Uprights d1 mm 450 515 560 610 670 670
Slide Bottom Size FB b mm 250 340 400 460 520 520
LR a mm 360 410 480 540 620 620
CZPTk Hole Dimensions Diameter d mm forty fifty fifty 50 70 70
Depth I mm 65 sixty 70 sixty five 90 90
Desk Dimension FB D mm four hundred 440 520 600 640 680
LR C mm 720 825 930 950 1060 1100
Thickness H3 mm eighty a hundred and ten a hundred thirty a hundred and forty 145 one hundred fifty five
Desk Gap Diameter ¢ mm a hundred and fifty 150 150 a hundred and eighty one hundred eighty 200
Total Proportions FB A mm 1500 1585 1540 1765 2000 2040
LR B mm 945 1075 1200 1200 1300 1320
Height H mm 2120 2390 2570 2725 3571 3035
Motor Electrical power   KW three 5.5 5.five 7.five seven.five eleven
Fat(approximate)   kg 2450 3550 5150 6450 8650 9550

Item CODE Unit JH21-160 JH21-200 JH21-250 JH21-315 JH21-four hundred
Nominal Ability Pe KN 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000
Slide Stroke Duration S mm two hundred 200 220 220 250
Slide Strokes Set   spm forty five forty five thirty thirty 30
Variable(optional)   spm 30-55 thirty-55 twenty-35 20-35 twenty-35
Max. Die Shut Peak H2 mm four hundred 450 five hundred five hundred 550
Die Shut Height Adjustment t mm a hundred a hundred and ten 120 120 one hundred twenty
Throat Depth C1 mm 400 430 450 450 490
Length Between Uprights d1 mm 736 910 980 980 1050
Slide Base Dimension FB b mm 580 650 700 seven hundred 750
LR a mm seven-hundred 880 950 950 1571
CZPTk Gap Size Diameter d mm 70 70 70 70 70
Depth I mm a hundred one hundred one hundred thirty a hundred thirty a hundred thirty
Desk Size FB D mm 760 840 880 880 950
LR C mm 1175 1390 1500 1540 1700
Thickness H3 mm a hundred sixty five one hundred eighty one hundred ninety a hundred ninety 210
Desk Gap Diameter ¢ mm 220 240 260 260 280
General Proportions FB A mm 2305 2600 2660 2720 2850
LR B mm 1420 1540 1640 1680 1750
Top H mm 3215 3800 3850 3850 4140
Motor Electrical power   KW 15 18.5 22 30 37
Weight(approximate)   kg 13600 19200 23200 26600 29500

100ton Pneumatic Power Press with Hydraulic Overload Protection