Blince OMR80cc Small High Speed Hydraulic Motor for Sweeper

CZPT OMR hydraulic motor for sweeper&solcleaner

OMR series motor adapt the sophisticated Geroler equipment set design with shaft distribution stream&comma which can routinely compensate in working with higher pressure&comma give reputable and smoothoperation&comma large efficiency and extended daily life&period of time

Attribute functions&colon
&astAdvanced manufacturing gadgets for the Gerolor equipment set&comma which use low force of commence-up&comma give sleek&comma reliable operation and high performance&period of time
&astShaft seal can bear high stress of again and the motor can be utilized in parallel or in sequence&period of time
&astCZPT style in the driver-linker and extend operating daily life
&astCZPT style for distribution method can satisfy the need of minimal noise of unit&interval
&astCompact quantity and easy set up

CZPT motor application&colon
CZPT motors are commonly used in agriculture machinery&comma fishing equipment&comma plastic sector&comma mining&comma and building machinery&comma specifically fitted to decrease load programs&comma this sort of as plastic injection mould equipment&comma cleaner&comma grass cutter&comma and so forth&period

CZPT profssion source all series hydraulic motor like OMM&solOMP&solOMPH&solOMR&solOMRS&solOZ&solOK&solOMH&solOMSY&solOMT&solOMV hydraulic orbit motor&comma hydraulic pump like &lpar PV2R sequence&solV&solVQ collection &sol SQP sequence &rpar vane pumps&interval If you are interested in any our CZPT hydraulic motor pls contact me&period Thanks&excl &excl

Type  OMR
a hundred
a hundred twenty five
two hundred
Displacement &lparcc&solrev&rpar 36 fifty one&period7 81&period5 102 127&period2 157&period2 194&period5 253&period3 317&period5 381&period4
Max velocity
 rate &lparrpm&rpar
cont 1085 960 750 600 475  378 310 240 a hundred ninety a hundred and fifty five
  int 1220 1150 940 750 600 475 385 three hundred 240 190
Max torque
cont 72 100 195 240 three hundred 360 360 390 390 365
  int eighty three 126 220 280 340 430 440 490 535 495
Max output
cont 8&period5 9&period5 12&period5 thirteen&period0 12&period5 twelve&period5 ten&period0 seven&period0 six&period0 five&period0
  int 9&period8 11&period2 fifteen&period0 15&period0 14&period5 fourteen&period0 thirteen&period0 9&period5 nine&period0 8&period0
Max pressure
cont fourteen&period0 14 17&period5 seventeen&period5 seventeen&period5 sixteen&period5 thirteen eleven 9 7
  int 16&period5 seventeen&period5 20 20 twenty 20 17&period5 fifteen 13 10
cont 40 fifty 60 sixty sixty sixty sixty 60 60 60
  int&period of time 45 60 75 seventy five 75 75 seventy five seventy five 75 75
Fat&lparkg&rpar 6&period5 six&period7 6&period9 7 seven&period3 seven&period6 eight&period0 eight&period5 9&period0 9&period5

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Blince OMR80cc Small High Speed Hydraulic Motor for Sweeper