Hydraulic Motor of Bmr36 50 80 100 125 160 200 250 315 375 Orbit Motor for Injection Molding

Close friends&comma Welcome to CZPT CZPTs Kingdom&period We can supply much more than 3000 diffrent orbital motors&comma categorised in sorts&comma variants and sizes &lparincl&interval Diffrent shaft variations&rpar&period of time

BMR sequence motor adapt the sophisticated Geroler equipment set layout with shaft distribution circulation&comma which can instantly compensate in functioning with high pressure&comma give dependable and smooth procedure&comma large efficiency and extended lifestyle&interval

Attribute functions&colon
&astAdvanced manufacturing devices for the Gerolor equipment set&comma which use reduced stress of start-up&comma provide sleek&comma dependable procedure and high efficiency&period
&astShaft seal can bear large strain of back and the motor can be utilized in parallel or in sequence&period
&astCZPT layout in the driver-linker and prolong working life
&astCZPT design and style for distribution technique can meet up with the need of minimal sound of unit&interval
&astCompact quantity and easy installation&time period
Main Specification
Complex information for BMR with twenty five and 25&period4 in and 25&period4 in splined and 28&period56 tapered shaft

Type  BMR
a hundred
a hundred and sixty
two hundred
36 fifty one&period7 eighty one&period5 102 127&period2 157&period2 194&period5 253&period3 317&period5 381&period4
Max velocity
cont 1250 960 750 600 475 378 310 240 one hundred ninety one hundred fifty five
int 1520 1150 940 750 600 475 385 300 240 a hundred ninety
Max torque
cont 72 100 195 240 300 360 360 390 390 365
int 83 126 220 280 340 430 440 490 535 495
peak a hundred and five a hundred sixty five 270 320 370 460 560 640 650 680
Max&time period output &lparkW&rpar cont eight&period5 9&period5 twelve&period5 13&period0 12&period5 twelve&period5 ten&period0 seven&period0 6&period0 5&period0
int nine&period8 11&period2 15&period0 fifteen&period0 14&period5 14&period0 thirteen&period0 nine&period5 nine&period0 8&period0
cont fourteen&period0 fourteen&period0 17&period5 seventeen&period5 17&period5 sixteen&period5 13 11 nine&period0 seven&period0
int sixteen&period5 seventeen&period5 20 twenty twenty 20 17&period5 15 thirteen 10
peak 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 22&period5 twenty 17&period5 fifteen
Max stream
cont 40 50 60 sixty sixty 60 sixty 60 sixty sixty
int 45 sixty 75 seventy five 75 seventy five 75 seventy five seventy five 75
Internet Fat &lparkg&rpar six&period5 6&period7 6&period9 seven&period0 seven&period3 7&period6 8&period0 eight&period5 nine&period0 9&period5

CZPT BMR series large pace orbital motors&colon
Key knowledge&colon
1&rpar Displacement assortment 36 to 375cc
2&rpar Velocity up to 1520rpm&solmin
3&rpar Torque up to 680N&solm
four&rpar Output up to 15&period0kW
5&rpar Stress drop up to 22&period5MPa &lpar225bar&rpar
six&rpar Movement up to 75L&solmin
seven&rpar Pilot diameter Ø 82&period5 &lsqb3&period25 in&rbrack
eight&rpar Mounting flnge A2&solA4
nine&rpar Output shaft Ø 25mm &sol Ø 25&period4mm &sol Ø 28&period56mm &sol Ø 31&period75mm &sol Ø 32mm cylindrical shaft &lsqb1 inch cylindrical shaft&rbrack
10&rpar Port connection G1&sol2&lsqb4× M8&comma G1&sol4&rbrack &sol M22× one&period5&lsqb4× M8&comma M14× one&period5&rbrack &sol 7&sol8-fourteen&lsqb4× 5&sol16-18UNC&comma 7&sol16-20UNF&rbrack &sol 1&sol2-14NPTF&lsqb4× 5&sol16-18UNC&comma seven&sol16-20UNF&rbrack &sol PT&lparRC&rpar1&sol2&lsqb4× M8&rbrack

&ast High force shaft seal
&ast All motors with drain connections
&ast All motors with check out valves
&ast Proven orbital motor design and style
&ast three-chamber motor layout
&ast Appropriate for medium and low responsibility

&ast High electricity density
&ast Large effiency
&ast Large consistent high quality
&ast Dependable

The CZPT BMR sequence motors are employed in the pursuing application places&colon
&ast Sweeper
&ast Winch
&ast Conveyor
&ast Crane
&ast Aerial carry
&ast Blend CZPTer
&ast Seeder
&ast Spreader
&ast Auger
&ast Device resource
&ast And a lot more

&ast CZPT Motor OMR Sequence
&ast White Push Item WR&sol255 Collection
&ast M&plusS Motor MR&solMLHR Series
&ast Brevini Motor BR Sequence
&ast Japen OPN ORB-GM Series
&ast Any Much more

WHY US&colon
one&period of time We are foremost profesional manufacturer of CZPT motor in ZheCZPT CZPT&time period Our products have been exported to far more than fifty countries which includes Africa&comma CZPT East&comma South The usa and Asia&period
2&interval We are not only make regular models&comma but also produce new models according to your style&interval
3&interval Professional support crew and aggressive value will give you a perfect buying expertise&time period

1&period Assure for a single year or 1000 several hours &lparaccording to whichever finishes 1st&rpar from the purchasing date on&time period
2&interval Throughout the guarantee time period&comma our business will offer the straightforward-damaged CZPT for issues
Caused by our high quality of manufacturing or raw content&period Pls supply the faulty physical appearance and associated invoice variety&time period
three&time period Sorry for you should liable for the freight come-and-go&comma and the customized tax&time period
four&period of time Following expiration&comma our business can offers expense spare-parts servicing for engines&period
5&time period To save the price&comma you can select send out the motor again without packing&time period
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Hydraulic Motor of Bmr36 50 80 100 125 160 200 250 315 375 Orbit Motor for Injection Molding