Melt Filter-Melt Filtration System Double Plate Hydraulic Melt Filter

Melt filter-melt filtration method double plate hydraulic melt filter
Screen changer makers -double plate constant screen changer
Double plate two functioning situation constant screen changer for plastic extrusion device
double plate sort display screen changer for plastic recycling machine
Double Plate Sort Double Functioning Station Display screen Changer for plastic extrusion device


Compare with the GM-SSP series single plate sort hydraulic monitor changer&comma this GM-DSP sequence double plate type steady monitor changer for plastic extruder has a obvious edge &colon continuous procedure&time period
The construction&colon one&commatwo parts of slide plate as an alternative of a single slide plate
                       2&commaone monitor cavity on each slide plate insteads two screen cavities on                            one slide plate&interval

And this kind GM-DSP collection double plate monitor changer owns the feature of one plate hydraulic display changer&colon a rapid display screen alter approach&interval
This GM-DSP collection   Double plate type continuous display screen changer for plastic extruder is consist of
The major human body of the monitor changer
 CZPT device with accumulator
CZPTal managing pack &lparThis element is optional decision by consumers&rpar

Attributes of  GM-DSP sequence steady  screen changer for plastic extruder Double plate kind constant display screen changer for plastic extruder
Two round  removable breaker plates on every slide plate
“Ongoing kind” signifies operation of display change with out device halt or disruption of melt flow&period
Equiped with air venting system
Match for almost all sorts of polymers
It operates nicely beneath the substantial strain 400bar&lpar40Mpa&rpar not affect the higher overall performance&period
The filtration screen spot covers from 100cm² to 980cm²&comma dependent on the size&comma match for output selection from 100kg&solh to 3700kg&solh&period of time

Benifits of this kind of  double plate kind continuous screen changer for plastic extruder
ongoing operation
Leak-free mildew of procedure
CZPT style adapters
optional selection of installation approaches
venting groove discharge the gas combined in the polymer soften
Basically controll by a straightforward operated handle deal with
Affordable cost and proved technology

Major software fields
Cast film &lparBubble pack&sol Medical&solFood Wrap&rpar
Sheet &lparFoam&solStrapping&solPlastic cardboard&rpar
Coating &lparHot melt adhesive&rpar
Pipe &lpar Corrugated&solGas Pipe&rpar and profile
Compounding &lparMaster batch&solfiller&rpar
Wire and cable extrusion
Tubing &lparMedical&solCZPT&solCZPT&rpar
Fibers &lpar Monofilament&solnon-woven materials&rpar
Pelletizing &lparstrands and drinking water-ring pelletizing&rpar
Recycling of most polymers




overall dimension

Heating power


  Dia&lparmm&rpar Filtration area&lparcm2&rpar L W H L1    
GM-DSP-eighty 80 50×2 two hundred a hundred and seventy 240 820 2&period4&sol3&period2 a hundred and ten-300
GM-DSP-a hundred a hundred 78×2 220 185 280 930 three&period5&sol4&period7 180-500
GM-DSP-120 120 113×2 260 205 320 1571 five&period0&sol7&period2 350-800
GM-DSP-a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty 176×2 three hundred 235 360 1140 eight&period2&sol11&period1 450-1200
GM-DSP-one hundred eighty one hundred eighty 254×2 320 245 360 1200 nine&period4&sol12&period7 500-1500
GM-DSP-200 two hundred 314×2 360 280 420 1300 ten&period2&sol13&period8 800-2500
GM-DSP-250 250 490×2 450 300 430 1520 13&sol17&period5 1400-3700
Remark&colonThe output rates depend on the individual extrusion process parameters&period

We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer&comma and at the requirement of user&comma salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers&comma expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers&interval
After-sales service
12 months with proper operation by user&comma all the spare parts shall be replaced free of charge under guarantee period&comma fee for transportation and packing will be borne by users&interval

Melt Filter-Melt Filtration System Double Plate Hydraulic Melt Filter