Poclain Hydraulic Motors

Merchandise Features: 

one). Radial piston kind

2). Adopt Imported Bearing and Oil Seal, and so forth.

three). Modular layout, Large performance, Large stress and smooth running even at extremely minimal speeds.
4). Permissible Radial and Axial load, Motor with multi-disc brake, Motor emission management.

MS02 CZPT Motor Apps: 

Mining Equipment: Coal Mine Drill, Heavy Duty Handling Automobile.

CZPT Equipment: Scavenging Machine, Aircraft Tractor, Beam Provider/CZPTing Machine.

Farming Equipment: Mini Farming Motor vehicle, Ditcher.

The major products we manufacture: 

CZPT MCR Collection Motors: MCR03, MCRE03, MCR05, MCRE05, MCR10, MCRE10 motors & relevant CZPT.

Poclain MS Series Motors: MS02, MSE02, MS05, MSE05, MS08, MSE08, MS11, MSE11, MS18, MSE18, MS25, MS35, MS50, MS83, MS125 motors & related CZPT.

Our Workshop: 

Quality Management: 

MS02-8 MS02-9 MS02- MS02-one MS02-two
Total/Semi Full/Semi Entire/Semi Complete/Semi Complete/Semi
Displacement(ml/r) 172 86     213 106 235 118 255 128
Max electrical power(kw) 16 ten     16 10 sixteen ten 16 10
Strain discrepancy 10MPa Torque
(N. m)
273 136     340 a hundred and seventy 351 one hundred seventy five 405 202
Rated torque(N. m) 643   796 878 953
Rated stress(MPa) 25   twenty five 25 twenty five
Max strain(MPa) 40   forty 40 35
Rated velocity(r/min) 140   one hundred forty 140 120
Pace variety(r/min) -310   -310 -310 -260

Poclain Hydraulic Motors