Sauer PV22 PV23 PV24 Hydraulic Piston Pump

CZPT PV22 PV23 PV24 CZPT piston Pump

Danfoss CZPT PV pump
CZPT CZPT-Sundstrand axial piston pump PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27


Shut circuit
Collection 20
Dimensions: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, twenty five, 26, 27
Nominal force 210 bars, Optimum stress 350 bars.
The CZPT PV axial piston variable displacement pumps, Series 20, are of swash plate development with variable movement functionality ideal for hydrostatic transmissions with closed circuit. The stream fee is proportional to the pumps pushed velocity displacement, which, in switch, is decided by the swash plate angle. The latter is infinitely adjustable among zero and highest displacement. Stream direction is reserved by titling the swash plate to the reverse side of the neutral or zero displacement position. These units and areas are match, kind and function replacements for CZPT-Sundstrand collection twenty components.
– Suited for a range of purposes
– A number of displacements and possibilities obtainable
– 8 distinct frame measurements
– Engineered to supply a extended services lifestyle and trustworthiness
– Fastened displacement motor can be operated in either path of rotation
– A number of drive shaft options and handle possibilities
– Weighty duty bearings and shafts
– Easily serviceable
– Replacement components also available
– Immediate replacements for CZPT-Sundstrand

Complex Data 
Desk of values (theoretical values, with out performance and tolerances values rounded)

Measurement Dimension CZPT-Sundstrand PV pump
PV20 PV21 PV22 PV23 PV24 PV25 PV26 PV27
Max. displacement cm3 33,three 51,six 69,8 89, 118,seven 165,eight 227,3 333,7
Max. stream dm3min-1 119,five 159,9 196,one 230,5 278,9 348,one 429,59 557,two
4 six 4 1 4 8 eight
Demand pump cm3 twelve,three twelve,3 18,03 18,03 18,eight 32,8 32,8 sixty five,5
Max. stress MPa 35
Nominal stress MPa 21
Max. force of manage MPa 3,five
Demand strain MPa ,eight – two,
Max. force in case MPa ,25 steady ,five intermittent
Highest speed + min-one 3590 3100 2810 2590 2350 2100 1890 1670
Least pace min-1 500
Nominal pace min-1 1500
Kinematic viscosity assortment of doing work fluid
– starting
– functioning
– the best possible
twelve – 600
25 – 35
Kind of functioning fluid   mineral oil
Running temperature oC – 40 to + fifty
Max. temperature of operating fluid in tank oC eighty
Purity of functioning fluid µm 10
Course of shaft rotation   clockwise or counter clockwise
Maximum swash plate angle o ± 18 o
Bodyweight kg 45 fifty five sixty three seventy eight 124 164 212 270


Sauer PV22 PV23 PV24 Hydraulic Piston Pump