Bm5-100 Hydraulic Motor

Model&colon BM5 Collection
Substitute for&colon Danfoss OMS Sequence&periodM&plusS EPMS Series&periodEATON 2000 Series
Displacement&colon 80cc – 500cc&solrev
Velocity&colon 0-1000rpm
Stress&colon up to 225bar

We are the specialized manufacturer of orbital hydraulic motor&interval We can give a lot more than 2000 sorts of motor with different versions and technical parameters&colon the rated displacement from 50mm to 1600cc&comma Max&period torque from 50N&periodm to 3300N&periodm&comma Max&period output energy from 2 KW to 90 KW&comma which has offered extensive selection to meet customer’s requirements&time period In the meantime&comma Our merchandise manufactured can be entirely interchanged with CZPT DANFOSS OMP&comma OMR&comma OMH&comma OMS&comma OMT AND OMV collection&period


1&periodAdvanced manufacturing devices for the Gerotor gear established&comma which use low stress of 
start off-up&comma provide smooth&comma reputable operation and high performance&period 
2&periodShaft seal can bear higher pressure of back and the motor can be used in parallel or in collection&period 
three&periodCZPT layout in the driver-linker and lengthen procedure daily life&period of time
four&periodAdvanced style in disc distribution stream&comma which can routinely compensate in running&period 
five&periodThe output shaft adopts in tapered roller bearings that allow large axial and radial forces&interval The case can provides capacities of substantial strain and high torque in the wide of purposes&period of time
6&periodVarious varieties of flange&comma output shaft and oil port mounting dimension&period of time

Technical Parameter&colon


Type BM5-80 BM5-one hundred BM5-a hundred twenty five BM5-one hundred sixty BM5-200 BM5-250 BM5-315 BM5-400 BM5-500
Interchangeable OMS80 OMS100 OMS125 OMS160 OMS200 OMS250 OMS315 OMS400 OMS500
Displacement ml&solr eighty 100 125 160 200 250 315 four hundred five hundred
Cont&period 65 75 75 seventy five 75 seventy five 75 seventy five seventy five
Int&interval 80 90 ninety 90 ninety 90 90 ninety 90
Cont&period of time 810 750 600 470 375 300 240 one hundred ninety one hundred fifty five
Int&period of time 1000 900 720 560 450 360 285 230 185
Cont&period of time twenty&period5 20&period5 20&period5 twenty&period5 20&period5 twenty&period5 20&period5 one hundred sixty fifteen&period5
Int&period of time 31 31 31 26 26 26 24 one hundred ninety 24
Peak 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 210 22&period5
Cont&period 240 305 375 490 610 720 825 865 850
Int&interval 310 390 490 600 720 870 one thousand 990 990

Bm5-100 Hydraulic Motor