Huanggong Sn Series Three Screw Pump for Oil Transfer

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CZPT Sn Sequence Three Screw Pump for Oil Transfer


Requirements FOR SN SERlES A few SCREW PUMP
SN SERlES Three SCREW PUMP Capability l/min Max: 5000
Pressure/Head bar Max: forty
Viscosity cst .five-760
Speed rpm 750-1500
Temperature OC -20-a hundred and twenty
Mounting Horizontal
Seal Mechenical Seal

1. Application

A few Screw Pumps of SN sequence and 3G sequence are utilized to transferring lubricant, no reliable contained and non-corrosive mineral oil, animal oil, vegetable oil and other lubricant liquid mediums, this kind of as lube oil and gasoline oil. Preferable viscosity of medium: 3 ~ 760 c. S. T Working temperature must be decrease than 200 centigrade.

two. Basic Theory

The a few screw pump is a kind of optimistic displacement pump (PDP) and it’s composed of a few meshed screw axis and the pump body which contains them. All of they sort the sealing line which isolates the suction cavity and discharge cavity and also these two divided sealing cavities. When the screw axis turns, the sealing line will periodically make axial movement from suction cavity to discharge cavity, which constantly drive the medium liquid from suction chamber into discharge cavity.

3. Performance Attributes

A. Steady operating, lower noise, without having agitation of medium, tiny pulsation above flux and stress.
B. Large self-priming, no need of bottom valve or oil-pouring ahead of start off-up
C. Lengthy life.
D. Equipped with basic safety valves to ensure functioning properly.

four. Construction

A few Screw Pump is composed of pump human body, pump liner, pump protect, driver screw axis, two pushed screw axis, mechanical seal and other components. Protection valve is composed of valve physique, seat, safety valve trim, spring and adjustment screw spindle (remaining hand turning), it will be put in on the prime of the pump human body.

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Huanggong Sn Series Three Screw Pump for Oil Transfer