Automated System Control Magnet Water Turbine Generator

Automatic Technique Handle Magnet H2o Turbine Generator

Turgo turbine is one of impulse turbine, relevant h2o head thirty to three hundred meter. The middle of jet movement with runner gyration plane angled 22.5°. the h2o movement contracted by the spray nozzle , flows getting into 1 aspect of runner and comes out from other facet.
Horizontal unit has the rewards of straightforward framework,convenient repair,lessen the plant peak,advantages in reducing excavation depth.
The vertical unit with plant plane measurement little,a runner can be supplied with a plurality of nozzles,(at most can be set up six nozzles),high distinct pace,the identical measurement as units of ability is reasonably little,light-weight bodyweight and so on.

Working Principle 

When drinking water flows from the strain foray into the turbine nozzle by way of pipe, its potential energy is transformed to kinetic power by the nozzle. The high speed drinking water jet will come out from the nozzle strikes at the buckets (blades) at a certain angle (not in a tangential path) against the rotating area of the runner. The h2o flows into the propeller (turbine runner) from one facet and flows out from other side.

Turgo Turbine Turbine Product Parameter

XJ02-W-32/1 x7  turbine functionality data and supporting table
Design Turbine Parameters Generator Parameters
Layout head(m) Beneath the design  head Design and style speed (r/min) The electricity of generator The runaway speed Rated pace(r/min)
Circulation fee (m3/s) The output(kw)
XJ02-W-32/one x7 30 .09 twenty.four 685 twenty 750 1500
35 .097 26 740 20 750 1500
forty .104 32 791 30 750 1500
45 .eleven 37.nine 839 forty 750 1500
fifty .116 43.eight 884 40 750 1500
fifty five .121 fifty two 927 55 one thousand 1800
60 .127 fifty nine 968 55 a thousand 1800
65 .132 sixty six.nine 1008 75 1000 1800
70 .137 seventy four.4 1046 75 one thousand 1800
75 .142 eighty two.five 1082 seventy five 1000 1800
eighty .146 89.nine 1118 seventy five a thousand 1800
85 .151 96.6 1152 a hundred 1000 2200
ninety .one hundred fifty five a hundred and five.five 1186 100 a thousand 2200
95 .sixteen 112.2 1218 a hundred a thousand 2200
100 .164 a hundred and twenty 1250 one hundred twenty five one thousand 2200
one hundred and five .168 132 1250 a hundred twenty five a thousand 2200
a hundred and ten .172 140 1250 125 one thousand 2200
one hundred fifteen .176 149 1250 one hundred twenty five 1000 2200
a hundred and twenty .eighteen one hundred fifty 1250 one hundred twenty five a thousand 2200

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Q1, Which turbine must I select?
 Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total energy you want, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, 

Q2, Can your factory provide all the equipment for hydropower generation?
Sure, we can offer you with turbines, hydro-turbines, force regulators, turbine wheels, handle panels, transformers, checking programs and more.

Q3, Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric energy plant?
Yes, we can offer Change-Key and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, development, production, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner substitution and refurbishment,improve, enhancement, restore,refurbishment of turbines,generators such as bearings, seals For areas and essential components, we will send professionals and personnel to put in gear.

This fall,Is your company a trading firm or a producer?
We are a company of hydro turbine generators and started to advertise the global marketplace in 2013. Our manufacturing facility is positioned in ZheCZPT , in which CZPT’s drinking water conservancy and hydropower is most produced. Welcome to visit our factory in CZPT.

Q5, What is an acceptable MOQ?
 For this solution, our satisfactory MOQ is 1 set.

Q6,How lengthy is the shipping time?
Shipping and delivery occasions range from fifteen days to six months relying on the model you are getting.

Q7,Does your organization have its personal independent formal website?

Of course, and we can see far more data about our company and products on our formal web site.   
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Automated System Control Magnet Water Turbine Generator