Papermaking Power Petrochemical Industry Hydraulic System

Machining center automation gear hydraulic station:

CZPT hydraulic methods in accordance to user demands, like style drawings, assembly and commissioning, installation directions, and so forth. Give buyers with a far better answer for tools.
Xin Laifu hydraulic station, hydraulic technique, merchandise manufacturing, shipping in strict accordance with the ISO9001 high quality management system procedure, by agreement in accordance to quality and quantity on time.
Delivery cycle: modest hydraulic method for one week ~ one month medium hydraulic system 1 to two months large hydraulic method for three months.
The rewards of Xin Laifu layout hydraulic technique are developed in the era of resource conserving, power preserving, space conserving and minimal noise. The supply time is rapidly, and users can make various flexible options in accordance to their possess demands.
The hydraulic press hydraulic station of the business has the pursuing qualities:
one. Reduced noise: beautiful design, correct quality, minimal sounds
two. Lower power: ideal design and style of oil road, energy conserving
three. Conserve area: pump and motor immediately merge to help save area
four. Abundant types: multiple mixtures of oil circuits and abundant versions
five. Normal oil circuit, handle oil return, routine maintenance and restore is easy
6. CZPT designs can be CZPT according to consumer demands

Personalized hydraulic programs are extensively used in the subsequent mechanical equipment:
Huge device resource equipment, presses, forging machinery, kiln industrial gear, rubber and plastic equipment, automobile production line products, tire machinery, coal mining equipment, mining machinery, non-ferrous steel equipment, building equipment, steel equipment, metallurgical machinery.

CZPT method (graphic clarification)


Supply buying demands
Buyer demands to give Buyer equipped parameters What we did
Have CZPT schematic CZPT schematic Examine that the hydraulic schematic you offered is right, then configure it in accordance to the schematic.
No hydraulic schematic Supply pertinent details in accordance with the”CZPT Program Ordering Instructions” , in specific the sequence of actions and specifications CZPT method configuration in accordance to requirements
There is a bodily map, you want to do the very same according to the actual thing, or modify it on the basis of this Deliver us a photo of the pump , ship us the nameplate of the fundamental areas and validate the product number. Configure the hydraulic system according to the photo material
1.Obtained our quotation two.Signal the contract to set up payment 3.Acquired our shipping recognize four.Enter the a single-calendar year shelf lifestyle following receiving the items


Why do buyers require to offer us with this information?
one.Overview of the host: use, overall performance, approach circulation, operating environment, total format, and many others.
 Is the hydraulic system construction vertical, horizontal, facet-mounted, or electricity device? Installation room needs? Do you need to put in a gas tank cap? Do you call for unique components? Such as stainless steel

two.The hydraulic technique wants to complete these steps. Action sequence degree romantic relationship

For instance: the hydraulic station controls six cylinders, the cylinder design is HSG100/fifty-330, the force is 10Mpa, and the highest force is 15Mpa. The two finishes of the cylinder are designed to be cushioned. The six cylinders shift independently, and the motion pace is 15S. One again and forth, the middle placement does not need to have to end. No stress sustaining pace regulation is needed. The system movement is 14L and the technique strain is 15Mpa.

3.Motion mode of hydraulic travel mechanism, pace of motion

The stroke of the cylinder, how extended does it consider to go back again and forth?

four.Load dimension and mother nature of different action mechanisms
five.Overall performance specifications for speed selection, movement security, and and many others conversion accuracy
If it is synchronous, use a throttle valve, a synchronous valve, or a mechanical synchronization

6.Automated software, operation control technique demands

Foot-operated, joystick? If you want to configure the electrical box. Require PLC touch monitor or twist sort.

7.Requirements for dustproof, explosion evidence, chilly defense, noise, basic safety and trustworthiness

Some mining hydraulic methods demand explosion security, and the motor and solenoid valves need to be explosion-proof.

8.For efficiency and cost demands

The value handle of the total tools is in the variety, and the value of the hydraulic method is what the clients need to have to know. The price is fairly low, the high quality specifications are not large. Can meet up with the efficiency, we typically use domestic components, the hydraulic method will be relatively easy. For hydraulic techniques, we usually use imported elements.

Product demonstrate:

Push hydraulic pump station, horizontal casting mill hydraulic system


CZPT valve block, valve desk, auxiliary pump station

Tilting caster hydraulic method, bending roller hydraulic technique

Ship steering gear hydraulic station
CZPT harmony technique, hydraulic electrical power station
Medium velocity grinding hydraulic station, slag grinding hydraulic station
Coater hydraulic servo manage method, glue applicator
Press area paper equipment hydraulic servo technique, paper device hydraulic station
Rewinder hydraulic method, roller crusher hydraulic station
Electrical power plant ball mill higher and minimal pressure oil station

CZPT technique framework:

The hydraulic pumping station normally is composed of a hydraulic pump set, a fuel tank assembly, a temperature management assembly, a filter assembly and an accumulator assembly, 5 comparatively unbiased sections.
Classification according to the arrangement of hydraulic pump sets: prime-mounted hydraulic pumping station, non-higher hydraulic pumping station, cabinet and portable hydraulic pumping station
Labeled according to the driving method of the hydraulic pump set: electric powered, cell, handbook

In accordance to the output strain stage and movement qualities of the hydraulic pump device: reduced pressure, medium pressure, higher stress, extremely large pressure
The certain hydraulic method wants to be configured according to customer needs.
Operational safety measures
one. Oil and operating problems of hydraulic pumping station It is suggested to use 32# and 46# anti-dress in hydraulic oil. The most suitable oil temperature is thirty ~ 55 ° C, when the oil temperature is reduced than fifteen ° C or better than 60 ° C, it is forbidden to operate,
To alter the oil temperature, it can be heated or cooled beforehand. CZPT oil must be replaced when each one to 6 months, and the fuel tank must be cleaned to eliminate filth and dust. CZPT transmission is the most taboo, the oil is dirty and deteriorated, no
The dust paste is on the suction filter, leading to increased noise and reducing the life of the oil pump, so preserve the oil thoroughly clean.
two. Exterior handle line introduction and valve handle voltage The external electrical handle line is introduced by the electrical box. Please shell out specific attention to the motor steering should be regular with the course of the arrow marked on the oil pump. Solenoid valve manage
Voltage: AC electromagnet is generally ~220V, DC electromagnet is 24V, and the control voltage need to be consistent with the electromagnet label. For solenoid valves with memory factors, energy must be used for a quick time.
3. CZPTt of the oil pump motor The oil pump motor of the hydraulic pump station starts off up like other equipment, and calls for no-load (unloading) to start off. Soon after a brief run, the load is loaded once again. Under standard situations, perform
It is not a good idea to begin and near the motor often during the process. When starting up at low temperature, adjust the reduction valve to one/two of the rated pressure, and then continuously jog the motor to make the overflow valve overflow, and warm the hydraulic oil.
The temperature rises to about 20 ° C and is set into regular operation. (The heater can be heated immediately to warmth up)
4, the basic device adjustment get
(1) Wipe the hydraulic pump station clean and set up it, fix it with the anchor screw (tiny-potential hydraulic pump station can be placed straight on the floor), amount the cleansing and fill the oil.
(two) Lay the pipeline with reference to the hydraulic basic principle and the hydraulic piping diagram.
(3) Introduce the electrical handle line with reference to the electrical schematic.
(4) Loosen all the force valve adjustment handles (usually counterclockwise rotation), jog the motor, examine the steering to ensure appropriate steering.
(5) CZPTt the motor. For the mounted pump system, modify the reduction valve. For the variable pump, initial modify the stream charge and then modify the relief valve to the technique use force. Shell out attention to remove the leakage of the exterior line.
(6) Change the stress valve and circulation valve to the specified condition in sequence, and manually operate the electromagnetic reversing valve to check whether or not the actuator is right.
(7) Use the electrical debugging cycle to check out if the host is running usually.
(8) Debug the electrical and hydraulic retaining irons to the specified place to guarantee the stroke is despatched.
(nine) Use the electric powered debugging cycle to modify the flow valve to guarantee the velocity of motion and full the specified cycle.
(ten) Use electrical semi-automatic circulation, steady operation for fifty percent an hour, verify that there is no mistake, toughness and velocity satisfy the requirements, you can set into semi-computerized or automated cycle regular function.

Papermaking Power Petrochemical Industry Hydraulic System