Brief introduction to the operation principle of hydraulic coupling equipment

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The hydraulic coupler manufacturer indicates that the equipment enters the working fluid and enters the working chamber. When the input shaft drives the pump wheel to rotate, the specific pressure and speed of the working fluid of energy under the action of the blades and the pump wheel cavity are determined by the outer edge of the pump wheel, and then flow into the turbine, The impact turbine drives the output shaft to rotate.When the working fluid works on the turbine, the energy is reduced, the speed is reduced, and the turbine flows into the pump cavity to absorb energy.Thus, the energy transfer between the pump impeller and the turbine is realized.

The hydraulic coupler manufacturer stated that at a fixed pump wheel speed, the more oil volume, the greater the transmission of dynamic torque. On the contrary, if the dynamic torque remains unchanged, the more oil volume and the higher the speed, so the working oil can be changed. amount to adjust the speed of the turbine

When the speed of the input shaft remains unchanged, the change of the speed of the output shaft can be obtained.Start without load.The clutch is convenient, the thrust oil can be transmitted to the coupling ring, and the speed is stable; the oil can be separated, the clutch is convenient, and no-load start can be realized.There is no mechanical contact torque between the impeller and the turbine clutch, and the connection is flexible through the liquid. If the torque of the driving shaft fluctuates periodically, it will not spread to the driven shaft, which has a good isolation effect and can also greatly reduce the impact load.

There are two basic ways to adjust the amount of working oil, one is to adjust the amount of oil to the amount of working oil, and the other is to adjust the oil flow.The oil quantity of the working oil is adjusted by the oil inlet control valve, and the output quantity of the working oil is adjusted by adjusting the radial displacement of the spoon barrel in the rotating sleeve.Adopt modern coupling charge and discharge regulation control.Modern oil couplings work quickly and the couplings run erratically.This is because the speed ratio is small, the consumption of oil and oil, the value of the oil lifted in the pump wheel is small, and then the amount of oil discharged to the oil cooler is small, and the coupling of thermal cooling is not enough, causing the temperature to rise.

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