Hydraulic coupler equipment manufacturers take you to understand the advantages of torque-limiting couplers

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First of all, the hydraulic coupling is a widely used hydraulic transmission element, which is placed between the motor and the working machine to transmit the power of the two.It is equivalent to the coupling of the centrifuge. When the motor starts, the working machine (load) is used. If the starting current is high, overload protection cannot be performed; once it is stuck, the motor and the working machine cannot be protected, and the motor may be burned and the working machine will be damaged. Unable to work.

When the motor and working machine of the mechanical equipment are damaged, the construction period may be delayed, or the failure to produce and deliver on time will lead to a breach of contract. The manufacturer of yop hydraulic coupling has to pay the maintenance cost of the equipment while indemnifying. This is why Guangdong Zhongxing Hydraulics This excellent quality YOP torque-limiting hydraulic coupling is recommended.

 The torque-limiting coupler also has the following advantages:

1. To improve the starting ability of squirrel cage motors, the peak torque of the motor can be used as the starting torque to avoid the unreasonable matching phenomenon of "big horse-drawn trolleys".

2. Shorten the electric starting time and reduce the starting current during the starting process.

3. Prevent power overload and protect the motor and working machine from damage due to overload.

4. Reduce vibration and shock during starting.

5. In the multi-machine drive, it can ensure that the motors start separately, the yop hydraulic coupling manufacturer can balance the power, and can provide a rated torque that limits the starting torque to 1.2~1.6 times as the starting torque.

6. Simple and reliable structure, no mechanical wear and no special maintenance.

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Torque limited coupler

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