What are the characteristics of speed regulating hydraulic coupling equipment?

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The coupling that transmits power to the working machine with liquid oil as the medium can coordinate the load distribution of the multi-machine drive and the constant transmission of the motor connection. The output shaft speed can be adjusted within the range, and the output speed can be achieved without changing the motor speed. Level adjustment can improve the starting ability of the motor, reduce shock and vibration, coordinate the load distribution of multi-machine drives, easily realize remote control and automatic control, and save a lot of power.

The speed regulating hydraulic coupling has the following characteristics:

1.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling can continuously and steplessly adjust the speed of the driven machinery under the condition that the speed of the prime mover remains unchanged. When matched with type machinery, its speed regulation range is 1 ~ 1/4;

2.It can enable the motor to start at no load, without the need to select a prime mover such as a motor with excessive power margin capacity, and can reduce the fluctuation of the grid load;

3.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling has the performance of overload protection;

4.Vibration isolation and shock mitigation;

5.There is no direct mechanical contact between the transmission parts of the speed regulating hydraulic coupling, and the service life is long;

6.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling has higher transmission efficiency under rated load;

7.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling has hydraulic control speed regulating device and two half shafts, which is easy to realize long-distance automatic operation;

The speed regulating hydraulic coupling has reasonable structure and high reliability, and can meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation in metallurgy, building materials, power generation and other industries.

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