What is the cleaning process for friction type fluid coupling equipment?Hydraulic coupler manufacturers take you to understand

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No matter what kind of machine, if it runs for a long time, there will be some problems. Some of these problems are because there is no regular cleaning and maintenance during use.Then, the oil level of the oil tank should be checked regularly during the operation of the friction coupling, and the suction oil filter of the oil pump should be cleaned regularly.When the new machine runs for 500 hours, the working machine is shut down for maintenance or the outlet of the coupler is lowered, the filter screen should be removed and cleaned, and the oil quality should be checked regularly, and the working oil should be changed in time.

The following friction type fluid coupling manufacturers will take you to understand what is the specific cleaning process of friction type couplings?

(1) Disassemble the hydraulic components. The process plug and the interference fit may not be removed, and the joint surface should be removed with sealant.

(2) The cleaning parts should be put into the container, and the inner cavity and oil passage of each part should be washed repeatedly with manual pressure suction.Then, take out 100ml of gasoline from the stirring container, put it in a glass test tube, and observe it in a bright place. If there is no visible foreign matter and suspended impurities visually, it can be considered clean at this time.

(3) When the disassembled parts are reassembled, the parts should be cleaned. The reassembly is carried out in the reverse order of the installation and disassembly methods.Before the hydraulic coupling leaves the factory, the rotating parts are over-balanced, and the mating parts are marked with assembly marks. When reinstalling, strictly follow the marks, and pay attention to the correct assembly of the stop and the pin.

(4) For the rotating parts, align and redo the dynamic balance when dismantling and reassembling.The re-installed product should be run-in test under no-load operation and confirmed that the vibration is within the tolerance.

(5) The friction type hydraulic coupler reminds you that the oil after cleaning the parts and the oil in the flushing container are filtered with filter paper.The filtered filter paper is placed in a weighing bottle, and the half-covered state is placed in a drying oven at 100 °C for 1 hour, and the appropriate cover is taken out. It should be cooled in a dryer for 0.5 hours and then weighed on the balance.

Friction Type Fluid Coupling

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