What should be paid attention to in the use of fusible plugs of fluid coupling equipment?Hydraulic coupler manufacturers explain to you

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  The pump wheel and the rotating inner sleeve are connected with the driving shaft, and the driving shaft is connected behind the speed-increasing gear of the motor.The turbine is connected to the fan shaft through the driven shaft.Two chambers are formed in the impeller and the turbine respectively, and there are radial blades in the chambers, generally 20 to 40 blades.There is working oil in the chamber between the pump impeller and the turbine, forming an annular flow channel.

The speed regulating hydraulic coupling is a non-rigid coupling with liquid as the working medium, also known as the hydraulic coupling.The hydraulic coupling is mainly composed of a pump wheel, a turbine, a casing, a coupling disc, a small cover and a shaft sleeve.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling is a power transmission device commonly used in coal mines. It is used for the connection between the motor and the reducer, which can effectively improve the starting performance of the motor and play the role of overload protection.To prevent the fusible plug of the hydraulic coupling from being damaged during the application process, the following should be paid attention to:

  1. Too little oil filling, fill oil strictly according to the requirements;  

  2. For oil seepage, regularly check whether the fusion surface and the bearing end cover are leaking, and replace the seal;

  3. When overload occurs, check the output power consumption regularly and remove the load;

  4. If there is a braking condition during work, check the machine regularly to avoid braking failure;

  5, often start, can not start too repeatedly;

  6. If the startup time is too long, it is necessary to check the consumption of output power;

  7. The specifications and models of the equipment are too small, so replace the suitable coupling.

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