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The pump wheel and the turbine of the friction type hydraulic coupler form a closed working chamber that can circulate the liquid. The pump wheel is installed on the input shaft, and the turbine is installed on the output shaft.When the power machine (internal combustion engine, electric motor, etc.) drives the input shaft to rotate, the liquid is thrown out by the centrifugal pump wheel.

The friction type hydraulic coupler coordinates the multi-power machine to drive the suspension conveyor of the single-chain and multi-drive stations in a balanced manner. If the rotational speeds of the motors of each drive station are inconsistent, there will be a phenomenon that the chain is loose and tight, and in severe cases, the chain may "go up the mountain" ".After the friction type hydraulic coupler is installed, the problems of multi-machine drive, balanced load and synchronous operation are solved, so that the chain is tight and consistent, the operation is good, and the failure rate is reduced.The double-chain suspension conveyor is the same as the gantry crane, and the conveyor chains on both sides should be synchronized, otherwise there will be deflection, and in severe cases, the machine may be damaged.After the equipment is used for transmission, after adjusting the filling amount, the two transmission chains are basically synchronized to avoid failures.

The hot flue gas generated by the hot blast stove is removed by the sedimentation chamber. Since the main drying fan is fed into the lower part of the dryer, the wet material is fed from the top of the dryer by the raw coal belt conveyor, and most of the special materials are uniformly dried from the dryer. The bottom end is output by a belt conveyor, and a part of the fine material enters the bag filter with the airflow, and the material separated by the filter is recycled as a product.The purified gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe through the induced draft fan.The dried material is conveyed by the dry-separation upper coal belt and sent to the dry-separator for separation. After separation, the clean coal and gangue are respectively output by the belt conveyor. In the above combined process system, friction-type fluid Force coupler transmission and speed regulation.

After this high-speed liquid enters the turbine, it propels the turbine to rotate, and the energy obtained from the pump wheel is transferred to the output shaft.After that, the liquid returns to the pump wheel, which constitutes a reciprocating activity.The friction type hydraulic coupler transmits torque by changing the momentum moment caused by the interaction between the liquid and the blades of the pump impeller and turbine.Its output torque is equal to the input torque minus the conflict torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque.

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Friction Type Fluid Coupling

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