How does a friction type fluid coupling device work? The manufacturer will answer for you.

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Do you know about friction type hydraulic coupling?Do you know how a friction fluid coupling works?The manufacturer will answer for you.

The pump wheel and turbine of the friction type fluid coupling form a closed working chamber that can circulate the liquid. The pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. When the power machine (internal combustion engine, electric motor, etc.) drives the input shaft to rotate, the liquid is thrown out by the centrifugal pump wheel.

When aligning with the extended connecting sleeve, first measure the total length of the coupler, arrange the motor and reducer according to the total length, and make it a straight line by visual inspection.Put the extended connecting sleeve on the motor shaft with screws, the dial indicator seat is sucked on the sleeve, and rotate the motor shaft to align the reducer shaft. After alignment, fasten the anchor bolts of the reducer, fasten two limit plates on one side of the motor shaft, remove the alignment tool, disengage the motor, install the coupler, the front half coupling, the elastic block, and then Push the motor towards the reducer to combine the rear half of the coupling, the front half of the coupling and the elastic block, let the motor base rest on the two limit plates, and then check the positive accuracy after tightening the motor anchor bolts.

The speed control of the friction type hydraulic coupling is to change the output power by changing the opening of the pipeline to change the sufficiency of the working fluid, the speed of the prime mover is constant, and the speed is stepless.

The friction type fluid coupling and the transmission energy change the slip rate generated by the working fluid heating, as the variable speed fluid coupling can work normally, equipped with the cooling system coupling fluid.

After this high-speed liquid enters the turbine, it drives the turbine to rotate, and transfers the energy obtained from the pump wheel to the output shaft. Afterwards, the liquid returns to the pump impeller, forming a cyclical flow. The friction type hydraulic coupler transmits torque by the change of the momentum moment generated by the interaction of the liquid with the blades of the pump impeller and the turbine. Its output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque. The friction type hydraulic coupler cavity is filled with working fluid, and the mechanical energy of the gear pump wheel is obtained from the motor and converted into liquid, which drives the turbine to convert the turbine into liquid energy and converts it into mechanical energy, drives the working machine to work, and realizes the transition from prime mover to work. machine energy transfer.

Friction Type Fluid Coupling

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