Manufacturers share the precautions for hydraulic coupling equipment

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The hydraulic coupling is a hydraulic transmission device that uses the kinetic energy of the liquid to transmit energy. It uses liquid oil as the working medium, and converts the mechanical energy and the kinetic energy of the liquid through the pump wheel and the turbine, thereby connecting the prime mover and the working machinery. Realize the transmission of power.Hydraulic couplings can be divided into three basic types according to their application characteristics, namely ordinary type, torque-limiting type, speed-adjusting type and two derived types: hydraulic coupling transmission device and hydraulic reducer.

The hydraulic coupling is an important part of the slewing mechanism of the tower crane accessories. After purchasing, you should pay attention to its use precautions in normal use. The manufacturer of ordinary hydraulic couplings summarizes the following points for you.

(1) Transmission direction

The hydraulic coupling can be rotated in both positive and negative directions. When the installation is completed, check whether the coupling meets the required rotation direction by the previous test run.

(2) Install the mesh guard on the coupler.

(3) When the motor reaches the rated speed, the slave motor starts to run. If the slave motor does not stop and stops, check whether the load is too large and the braking phenomenon occurs.

(4) During operation, the coupler is not allowed to leak.

(5) During continuous operation, the working oil temperature is less than 90℃.

(6) After 3000 hours of operation, check the working oil for aging. If the oil is aging, the oil needs to be changed.

(7) Regularly check the wear of the elastic disc in the coupling and the positional accuracy of the motor shaft and the working machine shaft.

(8) It is not allowed to disassemble the hydraulic coupling at will, so as not to damage the assembly accuracy of the sealant.

(9) The melting point of the fusible alloy in the fusible plug is 120 °C. If the temperature of the working oil rises due to a working failure, the fusible alloy is melted and the working oil is sprayed out. At this time, the fault should be removed and the oil should be refilled.Be careful not to replace fusible plugs with metal screw plugs.

(10) Do not start frequently to prevent the working oil from overheating.

(11) There should be good ventilation conditions to prevent direct sunlight.

The above is the summary of the hydraulic coupling manufacturer for you, hoping to help you

Hydraulic Coupler

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