What are the precautions for the use of hydraulic coupling manufacturers?

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Hydraulic CouplerThe output steering is consistent with the steering of the power machine, and the power machine can be forward and reversed, but sharp forward and reverse switching directions should be avoided.

Regularly check the quality of the working medium and the wear and tear of the elastic block, and replace it in time. Non-personnel are not allowed to disassemble and assemble the coupling at will, so as not to break the seal and balance the accuracy .

The filling volume of the fluid coupling shall not exceed 80% of the total volume.The range of the coupling filling volume is 50% to 80% of the total volume.Hydraulic coupling generally uses oil medium.Recommended working fluid: hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, refrigeration oil, motor oil, mechanical oil.The hydraulic coupling used in the underground coal mine uses clean water and flame retardant liquid as the medium.

The purpose of regularly changing the oil of the coupling according to the regulations is to replace the deteriorated and polluted working oil in time and reduce the failure caused by the unqualified working oil.Pay attention to the following issues when changing the oil:

Moment limitedHydraulic CouplerThe purpose of changing the oil after the first 500h operation is to remove the metal chips and sundries generated after running-in by using the oil change machine, and then change the oil every 2000h of operation.

When changing the oil, clean the coupling housing, oil tank and filter by the way.To replace with qualified hydraulic transmission working oil, the oil should not contain other impurities.The changed working oil should be filtered to prevent the contamination of debris.To ensure a proper flushing rate, the flushing rate of the torque-limiting fluid coupling should be accurate.In the work, it often happens that the coupling cannot run after the oil change, which is mostly due to the failure to pay attention to ensuring the qualified flushing rate during the oil change.

Hydraulic Coupler

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