How to avoid bearing damage due to increased temperature of the hydraulic coupling? Suppliers answer for you

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Hydraulic CouplerIt is a hydraulic transmission device used to connect the power source with the working machine and transmit the torque by the change of the liquid momentum moment.As one of the main core components of mechanical equipment, it can improve the efficiency of the equipment by 30%. However, when a fault occurs, it directly affects the operation effect of the equipment and may lead to the shutdown of the entire production line.Therefore, the failure and status of the hydraulic coupling need the manufacturer's real-time attention and understanding.

During the maintenance process, the damage of the coupling is the bearing damage, and it usually has the following reasons:

Due to the production requirements, the coupler guarantees long-term operation, the internal liquid is used for a relatively long time, the impurities in the internal structure are continuously accumulated, and the bearing operates at a high speed for a long time and is in a relatively closed state, resulting in a serious temperature rise of the bearing and eventually failure of the bearing. Even lead to coupling failure.

Poor bearing lubrication can also cause abnormal friction and wear, and generate a lot of heat. The hydraulic coupling manufacturer affects the material structure and lubricant performance, and the lubricant gradually fails.Due to the high operating speed of the coupler, the bearing temperature rises rapidly, causing damage to the bearing, which in turn prompts the coupler to strike.

Hydraulic CouplerSuppliers should choose high-quality grease to maintain the coupling bearings, and conduct regular inspections. For equipment running for a long time, the relevant parts should be disassembled and maintained during shutdown to avoid the problem of high temperature failure of the grease.The detection of lubricant should be based on the operating frequency of the coupling to ensure that there are no metal objects and other related impurities in the lubricant, and the grease should be replenished or replaced regularly. Refuel the tank.

Hydraulic Coupler

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