What is the function of the spoon tube shell speed regulating hydraulic coupler?

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Hydraulic CouplerIt is a non-rigid coupling with liquid as the working medium.The pump wheel and turbine of the hydraulic coupler form a closed working chamber that can circulate the liquid. The pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft.The two wheels are semi-circular rings with many blades arranged in the radial direction. They are coupled facing each other and do not touch each other. There is a gap of 3mm to 4mm in the middle, and form a ring-shaped working wheel.The driving wheel is called the pump wheel, the driven wheel is called the turbine, and both the pump wheel and the turbine are called the working wheel.

After the pump impeller and the turbine are assembled, an annular cavity is formed, which is filled with working oil.The pump impeller is usually driven by an internal combustion engine or a motor to rotate, and the blades drive the oil. Under the action of centrifugal force, the oil is thrown to the edge of the impeller blade. Since the radius of the pump impeller and the turbine are equal, when the speed of the pump impeller is greater than the speed of the turbine When the hydraulic pressure on the outer edge of the pump impeller blade is greater than the hydraulic pressure on the outer edge of the turbine blade, due to the pressure difference liquid impacting the turbine blade, when it is enough to overcome the external resistance, the turbine starts to rotate, that is, the kinetic energy is transmitted to the turbine, so that the turbine and the pump impeller Rotate in the same direction.After the kinetic energy of the oil drops, it flows back to the pump wheel from the blade edge of the turbine, forming a circulation loop, and its flow path is like an end-to-end annular spiral.The hydraulic coupler transmits torque by the change of the momentum moment caused by the interaction of the liquid with the blades of the pump impeller and the turbine.Its output (turbine) torque is equal to the input (pump) torque when ignoring wind and other mechanical losses when the impeller rotates.

The overload protection function protects the motor and the working machine from damage when the external load is overloaded.Coordinate the multi-power engine sequence start, load equalization and smooth merging functions.The function of delaying the slow start of the working machine can start the machine with large inertia smoothly.It has strong adaptability to the environment and can work in cold, humid, dusty and explosion-proof environments.speed control function,Variable speed hydraulic couplingThe output torque and output speed can be changed by adjusting the liquid filling amount of the working chamber during operation under the condition that the speed of the input end remains unchanged.

Spoon tube shell speed regulating hydraulic coupler

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