What is the effect of contamination of hydraulic coupling transmission working oil?Manufacturers take you to understand

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Hydraulic CouplerIt relies on the kinetic energy of hydraulic force to transmit power. If it is not filled with liquid, the pump wheel and the turbine in the equipment will not be able to connect with the medium, so it will not be able to transmit torque and power, so it needs to be filled with liquid correctly.In addition to this, the impact of the contamination of the working oil cannot be ignored.Why do you say this way?I will answer this for you.

Damaged seal.Most of the hydraulic couplings use sealing rings. If the working oil has polluted particles, it will destroy the oil seal lip, aggravate the wear of the shaft surface seal, and destroy the seal.

Damage to bearings and gears.Since the hydraulic transmission oil not only transmits power but also lubricates the bearing, the impurity mixed in the working oil will accelerate the wear of the bearing, especially the lubricating bearing, and aggravate the damage of the gear.

Accelerated oil aging: After the oil is contaminated, the viscosity of the oil, anti-rust, anti-emulsification, defoaming, etc., is rationally reduced.

Hydraulic Coupler ManufacturerIndicates that in order to increase the damping coefficient of the coupling, the ratio of the interference torque frequency to the natural vibration frequency is generally increased. Effect.In the connecting plates added at both ends, a damping device, a buffer ring, is added, which uses the buffer ring to damp the vibration system and reduces the natural frequency. When the vibration of the shaft system passes through the buffer ring, most of the vibration energy is reduced and converted into the deformation energy of the buffer ring, thereby overcoming the resonance and reducing the vibration.The joint of the connecting plate is positioned in coordination with the two half shaft joints to ensure the coaxiality of the connecting plate and the half shaft joints.

Hydraulic Coupler

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