What should be paid attention to when purchasing a hydraulic coupling?

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Hydraulic CouplerIt is the physical condition of fluid-structure interaction that the fluid and the elastic body have the same velocity and pressure at the fluid-solid interface.Taking the filling rate of 80% as an example, we analyze the influence of the hydraulic coupling on the flow field after the blade is deformed under the traction condition.The fluid calculation space is re-established from the deformed blade.

The mesh is further divided, the flow field calculation is performed again, the static pressure distribution of the pump impeller and the turbine before and after the blade deformation is compared and analyzed, and the fluid-structure interaction characteristics are analyzed.The lower right side of the sleeve is provided with screws, the left side of the sleeve is provided with an LED light, the interior of the LED light is provided with electronics, the top of the LED light is provided with a switch, the bottom of the LED light is provided with a metal hose, and the other end of the metal hose is connected with a light bulb.

The hydraulic coupling has a reasonable structure, practical functions and convenient operation. It can separate the hydraulic coupling and the shaft safely and quickly, ensuring the integrity and continuous use of the hydraulic coupling, thereby preventing the hydraulic coupling from being damaged. The loss caused by destructive disassembly. Although the coupling is small, it has a huge effect. Be careful when purchasing.

two toHydraulic CouplerThere are different models, which lead to differences in their use. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to matching the requirements of the power machine and the working machine; in terms of specifications, it should be based on the speed and speed of the power machine and the shaft rate of the working machine. Quick to match; also depends on the working environment requirements of the working machine to choose a suitable hydraulic coupling.

Hydraulic Coupler

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