Where is the energy saving of the torque-limiting hydraulic coupler?

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Torque limited hydraulic couplerOverload protection saves energy; the running current is stable, there is no large current impact during overload, and the average running current is reduced.When selecting the model, it is not necessary to consider the safety margin of the motor to bear the overload load, reduce the installed capacity to protect the motor and the working machine from damage when overloaded, reduce the equipment failure rate and prolong the service life.

Coordinated multi-motor balanced drive energy-saving sequence start energy-saving: the motor starts in sequence to greatly reduce the start-up current and the impact on the power grid, and reduce the power consumption during start-up.Some data show that when three motors jointly drive a working machine, the sequential motors can save 50% of electricity than synchronous start.

Balanced load and energy saving: Due to the balanced load and vibration of each motor, the motor runs smoothly, thereby reducing the total driving power and saving electric energy.

Alleviating impact and isolating vibration and torsion to save energy; the hydraulic coupling separates the strong impact load and vibration of the working machine, so that the motor runs smoothly and avoids the current impact of peak load, which is beneficial to energy saving.After installing the hydraulic coupling, there is no need to choose a larger working condition coefficient, and the motor can be selected according to the requirements of normal operation, the power margin of the motor is greatly reduced, and the electric energy is saved.Ensure that the motor is damaged under the action of shock load and prolong the service life.

So the above is what Xiaobian shared this time, I hope it can help you understandTorque limited hydraulic couplerThe key points of energy saving can also be a little help for everyone's choice.

Torque limited hydraulic coupler

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