Henan Province XINLAN wishes everyone a Happy New Year's Day

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The concept of "New Year's Day" has always referred to "the first day of the first month". The calculation method of "the first month" was also very inconsistent before the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Therefore, the month and day of New Year's Day in previous dynasties were not consistent. The first month of spring is January, the first month of winter is December in the Yin calendar of the Shang period, and the first month of winter in the weekly calendar of the Zhou period. New Year's Day. Since Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the first month of spring was stipulated as the first month, and the first day of January was called New Year's Day, which has been used until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

"The first day of the first lunar month" was called "Yuanzheng" in Cui Yuan's "Three Zi Chai Ming" in the Han Dynasty, and "Yuanchen" in Yu Chan's "Yangdu Fu" in the Jin Dynasty. It is called "Yuanchun" in the poem "The Song of Emperor Xia", and "Yuanshuo" in the poem "Yuan Day Retirement from the DPRK, Watching the Army and Returning to Camp" by Tang Dezong-Li Shi.

On the joyful day of New Year's Day, may the sound of the New Year's bell bring you peace and joy, as well as my sincere wishes: I wish you all the best!

ThenXINLAN, Henan ProvinceHappy New Year's Day to everyone in advance~

XINLAN, Henan Province

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