The working principle of the torque-limiting hydraulic coupler

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Torque limited hydraulic couplerThe working cavity of the machine is filled with working oil (usually 20# turbine oil), which can ensure the flexible connection between the power machine and the working machine.During normal operation, the motor drives the pump wheel to rotate, and under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is sucked from the small radius of the pump wheel, accelerated between the blades, and then ejected from the radius of the pump wheel to drive the turbine to rotate.Liquid flows in from the turbine radius and slows down between the blades before exiting at the smaller radius of the turbine.The hydraulic coupling utilizes the change of the fluid kinetic energy circulating between the pump impeller and the turbine to realize the transmission of power (torque and rotational speed).With the increase of load (including the initial stage of startup and overload and locked rotor), the speed of the turbine decreases, and the liquid flow in the turbine flows into the auxiliary chamber faster through the leakage hole under the action of dynamic pressure, and the working chamber composed of the pump impeller and the turbine flows into the auxiliary chamber. Fluid reduction.The change of characteristics limits the torque transmitted by the coupling to a certain range, and realizes the torque limit protection of the entire transmission system: when the load is reduced to normal, the dynamic pressure liquid discharge function stops, and the liquid in the auxiliary chamber slowly flows into the work through the extension filling hole. cavity to restore the coupling to the rated operating point.

Hydraulic coupling performance characteristics.It can realize the no-load starting of the starting motor with load, reduce the starting time and starting current, and reduce the impact on the power grid.It has good overload protection for the host and working machine.It can isolate torsional vibration, reduce shock and vibration, and prolong the service life of equipment.When the multi-machine is driven, the power machines can be started sequentially, the load is balanced, and the synchronous operation is performed.Simple structure, reliable, no mechanical wear, no special maintenance, long service life.applicationHydraulic CouplerCan save energy, reduce equipment and reduce operating costs.

Torque limited hydraulic coupler

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