What are the working points of the hydraulic coupling?

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When the engine drives the pump impeller 3 to rotate, the ATF rotates together under the drive of the impeller blades, and makes a circular motion around the axis of the input shaft and the output shaft.The circular motion generates centrifugal force, and the ATF is thrown from the center of the pump wheel to the surrounding blades along the blade; in the space composed of the blades and the blades, the ATF flows from the inner edge of the blade to the outer edge of the blade, so the pressure at the outer edge of the blade is higher, and The inner edge pressure is lower, and the pressure difference depends on parameters such as the radius and rotational speed of the working wheel.In this way, the mechanical energy input by the crankshaft is converted into kinetic energy and pressure energy of the ATF.Before the ATF enters the turbine 4, the hydraulic pressure at the outer edge of the turbine blade is lower than the hydraulic pressure at the outer edge of the impeller blade, so under the action of this pressure difference, the ATF flows from the pump impeller into the turbine.At the same time, the ATF impacts the turbine blades and pushes the turbine to rotate in the same direction as the pump impeller, thereby driving theHydraulic Couplerthe output shaft rotates.In this way, the kinetic energy and pressure energy of the ATF are converted into the mechanical energy of the output shaft. After the ATF pushes the turbine to rotate, it flows from the outer edge to the inner edge along the turbine blades, and then returns to the inner edge of the pump impeller, repeating the above process, so that it circulates continuously and transmits power.

The hydraulic coupler uses automatic transmission oil ATF as the transmission medium, and the speed difference between the pump impeller and the turbine is allowed, so the hydraulic coupler can ensure the stability of the starting and acceleration of the car; it can buffer and attenuate the torsional vibration of the drive train.

two toHydraulic CouplerThe engine cannot be separated from the drive train. In order to solve the problem of shifting, a shifting clutch must be installed between the hydraulic coupling and the transmission.As a result, the weight of the entire drive train is increased, and the longitudinal dimension is increased.

Hydraulic Coupler

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