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XINLANTake you to understand the materials and practices of Laba porridge in various places:

Shaanxi: After the Laba porridge is cooked, it should be given to relatives and friends, and it should be sent out before noon.Then the whole family eats it.The leftover Laba porridge is stored for a few days and there are still leftovers, but it is a good sign, whichever is the meaning of "more than enough every year". If you give porridge to the poor to eat, you will accumulate virtue for yourself. In some places where there is no or little rice production, people eat Laba noodles instead of Laba porridge. Use various fruits and vegetables to make sambal, and roll out the noodles. On the eighth morning of the twelfth lunar month, the whole family eats together.

Gansu: Traditionally, five grains and vegetables are used to cook Laba porridge. After cooking, not only is it eaten by the family, it is also distributed to the neighbors, and it is also used to feed livestock. The Wuwei area of ​​​​Gansu has paid attention to "Vegetarian Laba", eating rice thick rice, lentil rice or thick rice. After cooking, it is eaten with fried sanzi and twist.

Beijing: Laba porridge in Beijing can be said to be exquisite.There are many things mixed in white rice, such as red dates, lotus seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, longan, grapes, ginkgo, green silk, roses, red beans, peanuts... no less than 20 kinds. On the seventh night of the twelfth lunar month, people start to wash the rice, soak the fruit, remove the skin, and remove the core, and start to simmer in the middle of the night on a low fire. It is not until the next morning that the Laba porridge is cooked. 

Heilongjiang: In Harbin, in addition to Laba porridge, there are also "Laba garlic". The folk custom of soaking garlic with vinegar on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is called "Laba garlic".

Henan: Henan people eat Laba rice, which is made from millet, mung beans, cowpeas, wheat kernels, peanuts, red dates, corn and other raw materials. After cooking, add some brown sugar and walnut kernels. The porridge is thick and fragrant . 

Shandong: There are two kinds of "Laba porridge" in Shandong. One is made of barley kernels, longan, lotus seeds, lily, chestnuts, red dates, and japonica rice, etc. When put into a bowl, some "porridge and fruits " are added. Fruits of various shapes are for decoration. The other is cooked with rice, sliced ​​​​meat, cabbage, tofu, etc.


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