What are the problems with the use of hydraulic couplings?The manufacturer will explain to you

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Hydraulic CouplerAccording to its application characteristics, it can be divided into three basic types, namely ordinary type, torque-limiting type, speed regulating type and two derived types: hydraulic coupling transmission and hydraulic reducer.Today, the editor will tell you about the problems that may occur in the application of hydraulic couplings.

  The treatment method for the jam of the spoon tube of the hydraulic coupling is as follows: strictly monitor the oil quality of the coupling and check it regularly.If unqualified, the oil or oil should be filtered immediately and the water in the oil outlet system should be checked.Replace the rail key and limit the motor rotation angle to a safe position.Scoop tube with gap widened to 0.015mm scoop sleeve.And appropriately reduce the amount of interference between the spoon and the oil outlet hole in the sleeve cavity, increase the grinding process and the spoon-type spoon tube socket, and reduce the blocking phenomenon.The layer peeling of the nitriding layer should be replaced in time.

  Causes can easily cause fusible plugs: melt pump failure, rotor jammed or stuck, turbineHydraulic CouplerCan not rotate, while the pump wheel is still at the original speed, most of the motor power is converted into heat into the oil, the temperature of the oil suddenly rises, and the fusible plug melts.

  Insufficient oil intake.The hot working chamber is carried away by circulating oil cooling oil.Coupling with mismatched opening positions of the oil control valve requires a large flow of the working oil control valve to be opened at a small flow position, and a large amount of internal coupling heat cannot be developed, resulting in a sharp increase in the temperature cycle of the oil, which is caused by the melting of the fusible plug.

  Improper operation of the oil cooler.The oil cooler can cool the oil better, caused by the temperature, the fusible plug melts.

  The reasons for the reduction of the oil pressure of the electric pump are as follows: failure of the gear lubricating oil pump, no oil; leakage of the check valve at the outlet of the auxiliary oil pump, oil leakage of the valve oil system; arrhythmia; oil leakage system; Element and filter element pressure is too high; oil supply is too low; auxiliary oil pump failure.The main component of the air from the oil leak, the very air is expelled before the outlet section of the check valve of the gear, resulting in no oil pump.

Hydraulic Coupler

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