What is the use effect of the speed regulating hydraulic coupling?

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Variable speed hydraulic couplingIt is a liquid coupling device that transmits power with liquid as the medium and realizes stepless speed regulation.The speed-regulating hydraulic coupler is mainly used in various equipments such as fans and water pumps, and it is generally reported that the energy-saving effect is remarkable after being used by users at home and abroad.

1. It can realize the soft start of the belt conveyor.

  2. When multi-machine is driven, it can realize the sequential start of multi-machine, reduce the impact on the external power grid, and realize the power balance of each motor, and the power imbalance accuracy is controlled within ±5%.

  3. Automatically prevent overload.Based on the hydraulic transmission characteristics that the coupling can isolate torque and slow impact, when the conveyor is overloaded, the slip between the coupling pump impeller and the turbine will inevitably increase, and the turbine will not even move. At this time, the working oil temperature rises rapidly. When the temperature reaches 100℃-140℃, the fusible plug melts and the working liquid is sprayed out, so that the pump wheel is no-loaded, and the motor and transmission parts are protected from damage.

  4.Variable speed hydraulic couplingIn addition to the convenient realization of microcomputer control, manual operation can be temporarily realized in the fault state.

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Variable speed hydraulic coupling

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