YOX moment type hydraulic coupling


 Widely used in various machinery and equipment in electric power, steel, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, ports, lifting, transportation, construction machinery and other industries

product description

 1. Equipment advantages

       ◆ To improve the starting ability of squirrel-cage motor, the peak torque of the motor can be used as the starting torque to avoid the unreasonable matching phenomenon of "big horse-drawn trolley".

       ◆ Shorten the electric starting time and reduce the starting current during the starting process.

       ◆ Prevent power overload and protect the motor and working machine from being damaged due to overload.

       ◆ Reduce vibration and shock during starting.

       ◆ In multi-motor drive, it can ensure that the motors start separately, can balance the power, and can provide the rated torque that limits the starting torque to 1.2~1.6 times as the starting torque.

       ◆ Simple and reliable structure, no mechanical wear and no special maintenance.

       ◆ Can work in various harsh working environments.

   2. Scope of application

       It is widely used in various mechanical equipment in electric power, steel, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, port, lifting, transportation, construction machinery and other industries.Such as: belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer, coal mill, ball mill, crusher, bridge crane, gantry crane, tower Type crane, tanning drum machine, washing machine, wire drawing machine, rubber mixing machine, boiler slag crusher, centrifuge, amusement machine, etc.

  3. Features of the equipment

   (1) Types, varieties and specifications of torque-limiting hydraulic couplings:

       ◆ According to the transmission medium: mineral oil or water-filled, the installed axial lengths are the same, and the parts are completely interchangeable.

       ◆ According to the driving form: the outer wheel (pump wheel) drives the YOX series; the inner wheel (turbine) drives the YOXn series.

       ◆ Classified by cavity type: there are single-cavity YOX series; double-cavity YOXD series.

       ◆ According to the structure of starting time: YOP series without rear auxiliary cavity; ordinary YOX series; extended rear auxiliary cavity type YOXV series; extended rear auxiliary cavity and enlarged side auxiliary cavity type YOXvvs series.

       ◆ According to the transmission characteristics of the equipment: there are YOXP series with pulley; YOXIIZ and YOXNZ series with brake pulley.

       ◆ According to easy disassembly: YOXA series with elastic sleeve pin coupling.

Rectangular Fluid Coupling

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