Variable speed hydraulic coupling

product description

The pump wheel and the rotating inner sleeve of the speed-regulating hydraulic coupling device are connected with the driving shaft, and the driving shaft is connected behind the speed-increasing gear of the motor. The turbine is connected to the fan shaft through the driven shaft.Two chambers are formed in the impeller and the turbine respectively, and there are radial blades in the chambers, generally 20 to 40 blades.There is working oil in the chamber between the pump impeller and the turbine, forming an annular flow channel.

The pump wheel of the speed regulating hydraulic coupling manufacturer is directly driven by the driving shaft, and its function is to convert the mechanical energy of the driving wheel into the kinetic energy of the working fluid.It acts as a boost to fluid energy.After the liquid has increased energy in the pump wheel, it drives the turbine to rotate along the circulating flow channel and under the action of centrifugal force, and converts the kinetic energy in the liquid into mechanical energy, which drives the driven shaft.

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Variable speed hydraulic coupling

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