Company Profile

Henan XINLAN Co., Ltd. is a modern emerging joint-stock enterprise and a designated manufacturer of hydraulic couplings approved by the State Administration of Work Safety. The product has been inspected by the Taiyuan Mining Equipment Testing and Inspection Center for Safety Production, and meets the requirements of the MT/T208-1995MT/T100-1995MT/T466-1995 standard. In the tide of the market economy, the company has sprung up at the right time, taken advantage of the geographical location, and was in harmony with the people. 

     The leaders of the enterprise are young and strong, and they are unconventional. The internal use of new mechanisms is closely organized and scientifically managed. The hydraulic couplings produced by the company have perfect detection methods, low consumption and high quality. The products are sold to all provinces and cities across the country. We are willing to base ourselves on the market and win the trust of users with excellent products and reasonable designs. 

     We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate and create brilliant future together. 

Henan XINLAN Co., Ltd. specializes in centrifugal friction couplers, torque-limiting hydraulic couplers, speed-regulating hydraulic couplers, coupler accessories, etc. Interested customers, please consult us.

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