China Custom 951572 40 95157240 Hydraulic Pump Coupling Element Coupling for PC1000 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC1250 Excavator Parts

Product Description

957240 Hydraulic Pump Coupling Element Coupling for PC1000 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC1250 Excavator Parts

 9571240 PC1000 Valve Block Assembly Information

Product name 95157240 PC1000 Coupling
Model NO. PC1000,PC2000 PC3000
Fit brand KOMATS-U
Part number 9571240 PC1000
Color As per standard color
Fit equipment Volvo;Excavator
Application Construction works,resell;Volvo
Section code Working hydraulics / Main control valve, boom and bucket and travel
Section code Working hydraulics 
Type Hydraulic control valve seal kit
Payment terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Packaging Nuetral packaging or OEM packaging
Shipping mode By air, by sea, by express
By express Post FedEx , UPS,DHL,TNT etc
Forwarder Your local forwarder or we find for you
Quality Stable quality,OEM standard,Genuine/Aftermarket
Loading port Xihu (West Lake) Dis. port,China

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9571640 SEALK 9571940 BUFFER RING
9571840 SEAL 9571540 SWITCH, PRES
9571440 AIR CLEANER 9571940 HOSE
9571340 CABLE 1=1 ME 9571040 HOSE
9571040 UNION 9571140 COUPLING
9571240 VALVE 9571240 COUPLING
9571540 FLUID LEVEL 9571840 VALVE, BLOCK
9571640 VALVE 9571940 CONTROL BLOC
9571840 GUAGE OIL LE 9571040 VALVE BLOCK
9571940 GUAGE, OIL 9571140 VALVE BLOCK
9571040 CLIP, HOSE 9571240 VALVE BLOCK
9571340 HEATER 9571640 BLOCK, CONTR
9571440 INDICATOR 9571140 CLIP
9571540 GASKET 9571240 CLIP, HOSE
9571640 GASKET 9571340 HOSE 1=1 MET
9571740 SEAL 9571440 HOSE PROTECT
9571840 SEAL 9571540 SEAT, FOLDIN
9571940 RING 9571840 HOSE
9571040 SEAL 9 0571 040 HOSE
9571140 RING 9 0571 140 HOSE
90765710 O-RING 9571640 HOSE
9571340 O-RING 9571940 SEAL
90761740 UNION 9571540 VALVE
90761840 SWITCH, MAIN 9571640 VALVE
9 0571 140 VALVE, ANTIC 9571740 VALVE
9 0571 240 PUMP, PILOT 9571840 PUMP
9 0571 440 GROMMET 90761440 FAN
90765040 LUBE STATION 9 0571 140 CABLE
90765140 TEMP. SENSOR 9 0571 440 FILTER
90765340 TUBING P60 1 9 0571 540 BUTTON
90765740 ROD SEAL 9 0571 640 RING
90765840 RING 9 0571 740 DUST SEAL
9 0571 240 HOSE 1=1 MET 9 0571 840 ROD SEAL
9 0571 440 SOCKET 9 0571 940 BUFFER RING
9 0571 540 ELBOW 90767040 SWITCH
9 0571 640 ELBOW 90767240 SWITCH
9 0571 840 ELBOW 90767540 ADAPTER
9 0571 240 FITTING 90767840 LUB PUMP STA
9 0571 340 FITTING 957140 CLAMP
9 0571 740 TEMPERATURSE 9 0571 840 CABLE
9 0571 340 CABLE 9 0571 940 CABLE GLAND
9 0571 440 UNION 9571040 FITTING
9 0571 540 CABLE UNION 9 0571 740 CABLE

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Our Main Products

If you have other breaker spare parts demand,such as Travel Motor,Travel Gearbox,Travel Device,Final Drive,Swing Motor,Swing Gearbox,Swing Motor Assy,Swing Device,Hydraulic Pump,Engine,Hydraulic Gear Pump,Piston Shoes,Cylnder Block,Valve Plate,Arm CYL’ Seal,Boom CYL’ Seal,Bucket CYL’ Seal, Bucket,Teeth,Track Roller,Top Roller,Spocket,Track Link,Monitor,Controller,etc,please click the below picture for more information,we believe we can save much of your timeand be your ONE STOP supplier.

Applicable To Excavator Model Number

Komats*u PC56-7 PC60-8 PC70-8 PC110-7 PC130-7 PC160-7 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC200LC-8 PC210-8 PC210LC-8
PC220-8 PC240LC-8 HB205-1 HB215LC-1
PC270-7 PC300-7 PC360-7 PC400-8 PC450-8 OTHERS
Kobelco SK130-8 SK135-8 SK140-8 SK200-6 SK200-8 SK210-8 SK250-8 SK260LC-9 SK330-6 SK200-6E SK250-6E
SK230-6E SK330 SK350-6E SK350-8 SK55SR-5 SK55SRX SK60-C SK60-8 SK70SR-2 SK75-8 SK130 SK135SR-2 SK140LC SK140LC-8 SK210LC-8 SK250-8
SK260LC-8 SK270D SK330-8 SK350LC-8 SK380D SK460-8 SK480 SK480-8 SK495D SK850LC OTHERS
Doosan DH85 DH150W DH215-9 DH220-5 DH220-7 DH225-7 DH225-9 DH258-7 DH300-V DH360 DH300LC-7 DX260 DH370 DH420 DH55 DX60 DH60-7 DX75 DX80
DX120 DX150LC DH150LC-7 DH215-9 DH215-9E DH220LC-9E DH225LC-9 DX260LC DX300LC DH300LC-7 DX345LC DH370LC-9 DX380LC DX420LC
DH420LC-7 DX500LC DH500LC-7 DX700LC
Kobuto KX71-2 KX71-3 KX61-2 KX71 KX61 KX91.3
Hitachi EX35 ZX30CLR EX30.2
Daewood 130 150
Sumitomo SH200 SH200-1 SH 200-2 SH200-Z3 SH200-A3 SH240-A5 SH350-3 SH350 SH360 SH365
Jacob JCB200 JCB210 JCB220 JCB240 JCB802.7
CASE CX210B CX240B CK25 CX350 CX365 CX360
Yanmar B25 B25V B37V VIQ30 B22
SAN*Y SY65 SY75 SY135 SY215 SY215-8 SY205-8 SY215-8S SY205-9 SY215-9 SY235-8 SY245 SY305 SY285
SY335 SY365 SY375 SY385 SY465 SY700 SY485H

We could supply the following Excavator spare parts

Engine Assembly Final Drive Assy Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump
Swing Motor Travel Motor Fan Motor Electrical Parts
Swing Gearbox Travel Gearbox Relief Valve Distribution Valve
Front Idler Adjust Cylinder Carrier Roller Spocket
Track Roller Track Shoe Track Link Excavator Track Assy
Teeth/Tooth Adaptor/Teeth Seat Muffler Bucket

Our Company–Xihu (West Lake) Machinery/KoKo Shop

Koko Shop Machine Co.,Ltd(EBSeals) is aprofessional supplier for hydraulic breaker parts and excavator parts and OEM hydraulic seals manufacturer. We specialize in completed seal kits and separate seals for hydraulic breaker and excavator more than Ten years in HangZhou,China.Koko Shop supplyal most all brands breakers’parts like Seal kits,Diaphragm,Piston,Chisel,Wear Bush upper and lower,Rod Pin,Through Bolts,Side Bolts,Control Valve,Front Head,Cylinder,Accumulator,N2 GasCharging Kit,etc.We insiston high quality partswith genuineand OEM CHINAMFG replacement parts.

Our Advantages

1 Excavator spare parts in full scale are available;
2 100% quality assurance,developand manufacture follow original ones;
3 Quickre sponse within 24 hours;
4 Small order allowed;
5 Reasonable stock and timely delivery;
6 Original packing,neutral packing or customized packing;
7 Positive customer feedback froma broad market;
8 Excellent Aftersales service.


Q1. How many days for the delivery time ?
It is about 1-7 working days after the order confirmation.
Q2. What kind of payments you accept?
Now we accept T/T,L/C or Western Union,other terms also could be negotiated,Recommended Trade Assurance to guarantee buyer’s property.
Q3. Are you able to manufacturing products according to customer’s design?
Sure,we have made many special orders from oversea for 10 years since 2571. So we have enough ability to deal with any cases. OEM certificate is available to provided.
Q4. What’s your advantages in the machinery manufacturing industry?
Fast delivery time,High quality products,Best customer service,Adopting the latest production technology.
Q5. Which countries have you been exported recently?
Canada,Australia,Peru,Egypt,Brazil,Mexico,South Africa,etc.
Q6. Are you sure that your product will suit for our excavator?
We have different brand hydraulic breakers. Show me your model number,and we can give you best match products.
Q7. How about the packing of the goods?
Standard export package,wood cases,or as customers’ demands.

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hydraulic coupling

How do hydraulic couplings contribute to reducing vibrations and noise in hydraulic systems?

Hydraulic couplings play a crucial role in reducing vibrations and noise in hydraulic systems, providing several mechanisms that help dampen and absorb these unwanted effects. Here’s how hydraulic couplings contribute to vibration and noise reduction:

  • Torsional Flexibility: Hydraulic couplings are designed with torsional flexibility, allowing them to twist and absorb torsional vibrations that may occur during operation. As the fluid flows through the coupling, it acts as a damping medium, attenuating vibrations and minimizing their transmission to the rest of the system.
  • Vibration Isolation: The inherent flexibility of hydraulic couplings helps isolate vibrations between the driving and driven components of the hydraulic system. This isolation prevents vibrations from propagating through the system, reducing the overall vibration levels and promoting smoother operation.
  • Shock Absorption: In systems subject to sudden changes in load or pressure, hydraulic couplings can act as shock absorbers. They cushion the impact of these shock loads, preventing them from reverberating through the system and causing noise or damage to sensitive components.
  • Damping Characteristics: Hydraulic couplings, especially those utilizing a hydraulic fluid medium, exhibit excellent damping characteristics. The fluid dissipates energy by converting kinetic energy into heat energy, effectively reducing the system’s resonant vibrations and noise.
  • Smooth Power Transmission: Hydraulic couplings provide smooth power transmission between the driving and driven elements. The absence of jerks or sudden changes in torque helps in minimizing vibrations and noise generation, leading to quieter operation.
  • Compensation for Misalignments: Hydraulic couplings can compensate for certain misalignments between the shafts they connect. By accommodating misalignments, the couplings reduce the stress on the system components, mitigating vibrations that might arise from misalignment-induced forces.
  • Elimination of Metal-to-Metal Contact: In certain couplings, the use of elastomeric or flexible elements eliminates direct metal-to-metal contact between the driving and driven shafts. This reduces transmission of vibrations and noise, resulting in a quieter system.

By incorporating these vibration and noise-reducing features, hydraulic couplings enhance the overall performance and longevity of hydraulic systems. They contribute to a more pleasant working environment by minimizing noise levels and reducing the risk of fatigue failure caused by excessive vibrations. Additionally, reduced vibrations help prevent premature wear and extend the lifespan of system components, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved efficiency in industrial applications.

hydraulic coupling

How do hydraulic couplings ensure efficient torque transmission and prevent fluid leaks?

Hydraulic couplings are designed with specific features to ensure efficient torque transmission and prevent fluid leaks, making them vital components in hydraulic systems. These features contribute to the overall performance and reliability of the hydraulic system. Here’s how hydraulic couplings achieve these goals:

  • High-Quality Materials: Hydraulic couplings are manufactured using high-quality materials, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, or other durable alloys. These materials offer excellent strength and wear resistance, allowing the couplings to withstand high torque and pressure loads without deforming or leaking.
  • Precision Machining: Hydraulic couplings undergo precise machining processes to achieve tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. This ensures proper alignment and mating of coupling components, minimizing energy losses and enhancing torque transmission efficiency.
  • Sealing Mechanisms: Hydraulic couplings incorporate various sealing mechanisms to prevent fluid leaks. O-rings, seals, or face seals are common sealing methods used in hydraulic couplings. When the coupling components are connected, the seals create a secure barrier, preventing hydraulic fluid from escaping the system.
  • Leak-Free Designs: Modern hydraulic couplings often feature leak-free designs that minimize the risk of fluid leakage during operation. These designs utilize advanced sealing technologies and tight tolerances to ensure a reliable and durable connection, even under high-pressure conditions.
  • Threaded Connections: Many hydraulic couplings use threaded connections, such as NPT, BSP, JIC, or SAE threads, to create a secure and leak-resistant joint. Properly tightened threaded connections maintain the integrity of the hydraulic system, reducing the likelihood of leaks.
  • Quick-Connect Couplings: Quick-connect hydraulic couplings are designed for rapid and easy connection and disconnection, often without the need for additional tools. These couplings use internal valves and seals to ensure a leak-free connection when engaged and prevent fluid leaks when disengaged.
  • Hermetically Sealed Couplings: In specific applications, hermetically sealed hydraulic couplings use magnetic coupling technology to provide a non-contact, leak-free transmission of torque and power. These couplings have no physical contact points, making them suitable for critical environments or systems handling hazardous fluids.

The combination of these design features ensures that hydraulic couplings efficiently transmit torque from one component to another while maintaining a secure and reliable seal to prevent fluid leaks. This is particularly important in hydraulic systems, where fluid leakage can lead to reduced performance, increased maintenance, and potential safety hazards.

Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of hydraulic couplings are crucial to optimize their torque transmission capabilities and prevent fluid leaks. Regular inspections and replacement of worn-out seals or damaged couplings are essential to ensure the continued efficiency and safety of the hydraulic system.

In summary, hydraulic couplings play a crucial role in efficient torque transmission and fluid sealing in hydraulic systems. Their robust construction, precision engineering, and advanced sealing technologies contribute to the overall performance and reliability of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

hydraulic coupling

Can you explain the working principle of a hydraulic coupling and its advantages over other coupling types?

A hydraulic coupling operates based on the principle of hydraulic fluid transmission to transfer power from one shaft to another. It consists of two main parts: the input (driving) element and the output (driven) element, both of which have specially designed vanes or blades submerged in hydraulic fluid.

When the input element rotates, it creates a flow of hydraulic fluid around the vanes. The fluid flow generates pressure on the output element, causing it to start rotating. This pressure difference between the input and output elements facilitates the transfer of torque and power from the driving shaft to the driven shaft.

The working principle of a hydraulic coupling allows it to accommodate misalignments and torsional vibrations. It effectively isolates shock loads, provides overload protection, and dampens vibrations, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

Advantages of hydraulic couplings over other coupling types include:

  1. Misalignment Tolerance: Hydraulic couplings can handle significant shaft misalignments, reducing wear and tear on the system and prolonging the life of the components. Other coupling types may have limitations in this regard.
  2. Vibration Damping: Hydraulic couplings can effectively dampen vibrations, preventing damage to connected equipment and promoting smoother operation. This advantage is especially critical in precision machinery and applications where vibrations can affect accuracy and performance.
  3. Overload Protection: Hydraulic couplings offer built-in overload protection. When the torque exceeds a certain threshold, the fluid coupling slips or disengages, preventing damage to the system and its components. Other coupling types may not have this automatic overload protection.
  4. Smooth Start-up: Hydraulic couplings provide gradual power transmission during start-up, which helps minimize shock and stress on the system. This feature is beneficial for systems with heavy loads or delicate components.
  5. Quiet Operation: Due to their vibration-damping properties, hydraulic couplings contribute to quieter operation, reducing noise levels in the machinery compared to some other coupling types.
  6. Wide Range of Applications: Hydraulic couplings are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including heavy machinery, mining equipment, conveyors, pumps, and more. Their adaptability and robust performance make them a popular choice in various industries.

While hydraulic couplings offer many advantages, the selection of the appropriate coupling type ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the application, such as torque, speed, misalignment, and environmental conditions. Properly choosing and maintaining the coupling can significantly improve the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of fluid power transmission systems in industrial settings.

China Custom 951572 40 95157240 Hydraulic Pump Coupling Element Coupling for PC1000 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC1250 Excavator Parts  China Custom 951572 40 95157240 Hydraulic Pump Coupling Element Coupling for PC1000 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC1250 Excavator Parts
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